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The wine storage solution and product center for commercial cellar & home wine storeroom

Welcome to - the Hong Kong Full Service Wine Cellar Builder, Installer & Designer 


Just like the building of your favor wine collection, building a customized wine cellar/cabinet/fridge/cooler is a very personal process. There are many stages, questions and decisions. We'll assist you step-by-step and recommend the most suitable and cost-effective solutions that will end with the wine cellar/cabinet/cooler of your dream. During the consultant stage, we talk about your ideas and needs.


Why can  we help you to build a wine cellar fit your unique requirements?

First, Our technical team includes experienced technicians from various fields, such as air conditioning, craftmans, insulation and, of course, wine cooling system repair & maintenances. We're part of Topengineer.HK, the local maintenance and repair shop with extensive hand-on experiences. Therefore, we have own staff to handle all the wine cellar construction steps in order to control the quality of the final wine cellar. From our repair & maintenance experience, we always can reduce the future operation & maintenance cost.

Secondly, we're the strategic partner of Kam's (, one of the wine cellar design & build company in Mainland China. We're Kam's authorized installation partner in Hong Kong & Macau and share with each other the wine cellar techniques and experiences.

Furthermore, we're the local dealer & authorized installer of the Vinotemp's Winemate Cooling Systems ( and other wine storage products.

Finally, since we have our local excellent maintenance team, our customers never worry of the after-sale services, such as quarter cooling system check-up and emergency maintenance.


For detail, please contact us at or Whatsapp/Tel: 6306-7487

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