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Wine Guardian humidification


Wine Guardian humidifiers are designed to increase humidity levels in any size commercial or residential wine cellar. As with all the products, these wine cellar humidifiers are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance and reliability to ensure your fine wine collection ages at its finest.


Wine Guardian’s stylish wine cellar humidifiers are available for ducted and ducted split systems as either integrated or freestanding units. The integrated version can only be mounted to a Wine Guardian system. The freestanding version can be used with any wine cellar air conditioning unit or standalone.


Wine Guardian humidifiers are ideal solution for other applications require stable humidity, such as cigar storage/cabinet, fur and equipment rooms.


Humidifier Features:

  • Digital controls that work off of Wine Guardian’s remote indicator. There’s no need for separate controller.

  • Evaporative drip pad system with removable, cleanable pad

  • Built-in fans for optimal air circulation

  • Commercial grade and lightweight, corrosion-resistant components

  • 25 feet (8 meters) of control cable pre-wired to the unit for easy plug in

  • Drip pad access cover for easy maintenance

  • Made in the USA


Integrated Model Features

  • Installs on either side of system for application flexibility

  • 24-volt power directly from Wine Guardian unit; no separate power source required

  • Uses same WG remote interface for control and readout



(for all models including Through-the-Wall)

  • Sleek, modern supply grille (removable)

  • Can be mounted through the wall, through the racking or on the wall for installation flexibility

  • Includes sealed, plug-in transformer and lead cord to allow the unit to operate independently of the cellar cooling system

  • Can be used with competitive wine cooling systems


Order via WhatsApp at 6306-7487 or email at 

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