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Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems


Versatile and self-contained, our ducted wine cooling systems offer maximum flexibility in design and installation. They also provide cooling for any sized area, whether you are storing in a residential, restaurant, personal or commercial wine cellar.

Completely self-contained and infinitely flexible, ducted systems are among the most versatile cooling systems on the market. Their design allows for easy maintenance and installed in both commercial (even office premises, such as W50 in Wong Chuk Hang and Gateway in TST) and residential settings while providing optimal temperature and humidity control.


With ducted air conditioning systems, a grille on the inside wall is connected by insulated flexible ductwork to a self-contained unit outside the wine cellar that contains the evaporator, fans, compressor, condenser and controls. This system can be placed in any indoor location outside the cellar resulting in a quiet cellar with no obtrusive equipment taking up valuable racking space. Available in water-cooled configurations.

Benefits of External Ducting:

  • System is located outside the wine cellar / cabinet

  • Quiet with virtually no vibration in the wine cellar - good for long term wine storage

  • Better air distribution and temperature control than through-the-wall or ductless split systems

  • Flexibility in location and cellar design

  • Easier to service and maintenance

  • No visible mechanical equipment in the wine cellar

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • CE and/or CCC certification

The following Wine Guardian Ducted System models are available in Hong Kong market:


Model    Capacity    Length    Width     Height     Electrical           Weight

WG40      11-40 m³     838 mm    356 mm    356 mm    220-240v/50Hz     36 kg
WG75      23-75 m³     838 mm    559 mm    356 mm    220-240v/50Hz     56 kg.
WG100   42-100 m³   838 mm    559 mm    356 mm    220-240v/50Hz     59 kg.

Download below documents for detail:


Wine Guardian Ducted Unit Data Sheet


Wine Guardian Ducted System Manual



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