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Key Features:

  • Humidity and temperature digital control using patent pending technology

  • Oversized evaporator providing subtle cooling of 50~65 °F (12 ~ 18 °C) 

  • Optimized air flow for most even temperatures in wine cabinets

  • Exchangeable discharge grille for front, back and down cold air distribution

  • Multiple exhaust options for top or rear hot air exhaust

  • High efficient tube-axial fans for both condenser and evaporator

  • Extra insulation for both thermal and noise isolation

  • Unique condensate drain tray for humidity control

  • Grill size optimized for easy cleaning and safety

  • Stamping housing for robust structure

  • Self-contained, ready for use and easy installation

  • For an additional cost, all self-contained models can be customized to provide optimal storage for fine furs, cigars, leather goods, chocolate, and salami.

Installation, Use & Care Manual 






The following models are available in Hong Kong:

         Model          Dimensions(in)    Weight       Capacity

  1. 2520HZD      14.25x16x13.25       55 lb          Up to 230 ft³   (6.5 m³)

  2. 4520HZD      14.25x21X19.75      75 lb          Up to 900 ft³   (25.5 m³)

  3. 8520HZD      1 7x22x28             110 lb          Up to 1800 ft³ ( 51 m³)  

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