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THRILL VORTEX Wine Glass Chiller & Sanitizer

Sanitize and chill wine glassware thoroughly with just one simple touch.
If you ever wondered why the cocktails served in the most trend setting bars tend to taste so much better, the answer may lie not in the contents of the glass but within the glass itself. A glass that has been perfectly cleaned, sanitized, and chilled, helps keep drinks colder for longer, removes unpleasant residual odours and enhances the flavour of drinks. When it comes to improving taste, THRILL offers the ideal solution as it not only sanitizes glasses thoroughly, it also chills them instantly, allowing for a truly unique tasting experience!

Now, Hong Kong customers can purchase the International PCT Patent made in Italy instant wine glass sanitizer and chiller here.

Order via WhatsApp at 6306-7487 or email at 

Remark: Customers require to purchase food grade CO2 (carbon dioxide) 

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