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4-Bottle Wine Dispenser - Vinotemp

4-Bottle Wine Dispenser - Vinotemp

4-Bottle Wine Dispenser

Vinotemp’s state-of-the-art 4 Bottle Wine Dispenser easily dispenses, preserves and chills four bottles of red or white wine. With easy push button controls, you can pour a perfect glass of wine at the touch of a button. Our 4 Bottle Wine Dispenser is an outstanding gift item for any wine aficionado and a great way for restaurants and wine bars to serve and preserve open bottles of wine.
  • Details


    Ideal for home or commercial use
    Dispenses chilled single servings from four open bottles
    Displays wine bottles through insulated glass door
    Keeps open wine fresh for several weeks through the use of argon or nitrogen gas
    Blue interior LED lighting creates a gorgeous wine display
    Includes a shelf on top of the unit for additional counter space
    Digital LED temperature display
    Capacity: 4 bottles
    Includes 2 gas cartridges
    Temperature range: 46° - 65° F
    Dimensions: 16 1/2" W x 17 1/4"D x 24 1/2"H
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